September 25, 2022
Afghanistan vs Pakistan – Asia Cup 2022

A spectacular game between Afghanistan and Pakistan in the Asia Cup Super 4 game on Wednesday in Sharjah was battling crowd trouble in the stands. Several fans from Afghanistan were detained by Sharjah Police after the incident. However, no one was arrested.
Courtesy of Naseem Shah’s twin sixes in the final over, anger flared up as Pakistan won a dramatic victory. Following this, fans believed to be pro-Afghanistan started hurling punches at people wearing Pakistan jerseys.
ESPNcricinfo understands the trigger of the incident was Asif Ali’s run-in following the dismissal of Afghanistan pacer Farid Ahmed. A clearly charged Farid threw celebratory punches at Asif’s face, who responded by pushing Farid back and raising his bat to his face. The two players exchanged heated words with each other before Afghanistan’s Ajmatullah Umarzai and Pakistan’s Hasan Ali came forward.

Footage captured in the stands also showed fans pulling out bucket seats and throwing them at each other. The padded seats were also torn down. By the time the ground officials and police swung into action, a lot of damage had been done. To prevent any further damage, the organizers immediately forced the public out of the stadium.

Former Afghanistan Cricket Board CEO Shafiq Stanikzai took to social media to demand a ban on Asif for his aggression. Stanikzai tweeted, “This is extreme level of stupidity by Asif Ali and should be banned from the rest of the tournament, any bowler has a right to celebrate but being physical is not acceptable at all.”

On this the reaction of former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar was received. “Afghan players put back in their place by 19 year old Naseem Shah. Unforgettable match against people we have always loved and supported. But bat temper and arrogance let those no forrans down“(But bad behavior and arrogance showed him in a bad light).
Flashpoints between fans from Afghanistan and Pakistan are not an uncommon occurrence. In last year’s T20 World Cup, thousands of unticketed fans of both the teams tried to forcefully enter the Dubai stadium. When this was opposed by local ground officials and private security agencies, the heated exchange between the two sets of fans led to the removal of external obstacles.
Earlier, in the 2019 ODI World Cup, security personnel appeared to be undermining the sentiment between fans of the two countries, who started fighting in the stands, throwing rubbish on the ground and attacking the pitch while players tried to reach their destination. were scrambling for. Related dressing room.
The increasing number of incidents between fans of Pakistan and Afghanistan is in part linked to the geopolitical tensions that have existed between the two countries since 2017. But the players themselves have been quite cordial with each other to a large extent. Afghanistan has taken an active part in the Pakistan Super League and great Pakistan players like Inzamam-ul-Haq and Rashid Latif have been part of Afghanistan’s coaching staff. Umar Gul is their current bowling coach.

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