August 8, 2022
Australia News – Glenn Maxwell still hungry to succeed in Test cricket

Glenn Maxwell has revealed that he missed out on selection for Australia’s most recent Test against Sri Lanka in Galle, but it has revived his desire to play Test cricket again with a tour of India on the horizon early next year. Awakened from

Maxwell was close to playing the first Test in Galle, but Head passed the fitness test and retained his place. He was even closer to playing in the second Test when captain Pat Cummins revealed that Maxwell was prepared to replace Mitchell Starc at No 8 if the Galle pitch was going to be a duplicate of the surface used. first test.

But with a more calm batting surface the conditions changed drastically and Maxwell missed.

“I was broke when I was told,” Maxwell said of being ruled out of the second Test. “It wasn’t that I thought they made the wrong call, I was really disappointed.

“I really wanted to play. I loved being a part of [Test cricket]And I liked the idea of ​​playing again.

He said, “Even after not thinking about Test cricket for two years, I felt that I was ready again. I had to work with coaches and come up with new strategies to deal with difficult spin bowling and blast of balls. Loved coming along.”

“I’m glad Headey passed his fitness test because I would have hated to attend if one of your players got injured. Unfortunately, he changed the situation. If it was the same situation for both Tests, then I probably would have played but he picked up a slightly better wicket and the selectors took the right decision.

“I tried not to get too excited or raise my hopes too much because I know, have been in that position many times and been on the wrong side of it, the ups and downs of selection and 50-50 calls… But yeah, I let myself get a little too excited.”

Maxwell also revealed that he felt a lot more love and positivity around his potential Test recall than ever before, even though he regretted not being more accepting of his batting style when he was around the Test team between 2014 and 2017. it was done. ,

“It’s certainly nice to have support where I think I probably didn’t have that early in my Test career,” Maxwell said. “It was probably the other way around, where it was exactly like, no, this guy can’t be kept in the team. So it’s good to see that changing. When I came back in 2017, it felt like this. There was positivity on my way.” A real change was coming, which was rare.

“For so long, whenever I played reverse sweep, it took a toll on it and it has become a staple of Test cricket wherever you play in the world. Everybody plays it.

“So it’s like, Where was this six years ago? It would have been nice when I was playing, if people would look at me and go, oh, visionary [laughs], Uzi [Usman Khawaja] plays 300 of them, and he’s a superstar, [he] 150 gets and likes, [we] Lean before him.”

Maxwell is now firmly set to play in India’s four-Test tour next year, especially after Head’s tour of Pakistan and Sri Lanka where his highest score was 26 in five Tests. Head is now average 21.30 in Asia Passed 50 from seven Tests and only once. Maxwell has played all his seven Tests in Asia average just 26.07 There. He too has crossed 50 just once, but he scored a scintillating century on Australia’s last Test tour of India in 2017 in Ranchi.

“Last year I had a preseason at Junction Oval, where we would use the same pitches, maybe four or five net sessions in a row and by the fifth net session they were basically India”

Glenn Maxwell on preparations for India tour

Right and left-handed balance in Australia’s top seven will be crucial against the left-arm orthodoxy of Ravindra Jadeja and Axar Patel and R Ashwin’s right-arm offspin.

Maxwell’s experience of facing all three in India in red and white ball cricket will undoubtedly give him an advantage from the point of view of selection. He revealed that Australia’s selectors have spoken to him about what particular preparation would be best for him ahead of the India tour and insisted, as he has done before, not playing Sheffield Shield cricket on Australian pitches. won’t help.

“All he asked was what do you need to get ready and will Shield cricket make a difference? I said no, it won’t happen,” Maxwell said. “Because the conditions there are totally different. It’s definitely tough to prepare for the spinning track during our first-class matches in Australia.

“I think we’re still able to do nets up in Melbourne that can spin and do a few different things. Last year I had a pre-season at Junction Oval, where we’ll be using the same pitches, probably Four or five net sessions in a row and by the fifth net session they were basically India. And it was awesome. Those were the best net sessions I’ve had. Because I was going, I think at that level, the next The subcontinent tour, it could be the IPL and it was awesome. It was perfect preparation, and I had no excuse, I guess, going into the next series.”

Alex Malcolm is Associate Editor at ESPNcricinfo

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