September 25, 2022
England vs South Africa, 3rd Test

Stuart Broad said he hoped a packed Oval ground enjoyed a “celebration of the Queen’s life” on the emotional and extraordinary opening day of the delayed third Test against South Africa, but defended England’s batting. He did on a pitch that he had proved “too bowler-friendly” after two additional days under cover.

England moved closer to 151 for 7 in their first innings lead of 36, before bowling out South Africa for 118 runs in two sessions. The advantage can still come in handy in a wicket-laden contest, but it may not be as decisive as it could have been with a bit of caution, with Joe Root and Ben Stokes delivering their wickets with particular aggression. were particularly guilty.

Broad, however, was unapologetic about pursuing ways that took England to five of six wins this summer, all of them batting second and reacting to a score already on the board from their opponents. Of.

“To be honest, we are very comfortable chasing scores,” Broad said. sky game, “Our mindset is that we need to play in a way that gives us 20 wickets, and if we take 20 wickets while bowling first, we will win the game.

“If we bowl again tomorrow and put South Africa under pressure, we can bat on a day-three Oval pitch, which you would argue could be the best time to bat. ” “We had the mindset that we want results in this game any way we want. We need to play in a style that is going to create a result and, after the first day, we either win or lose, and in our mind Look, it’s a win.”

They certainly couldn’t do more to expedite a contest that was already delayed by two days through a combination of rain on Thursday and the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Friday, the day of honor.

After more than an hour of play, South Africa were at 36 for 6, Ollie Robinson taking four wickets in the third five-for-five of his career, and by the time he was bowled out for 118, Broad Took 4 wickets. 41, to go ahead with his childhood hero Glenn McGrath on 563 career Test wickets.

“It was very bowler friendly early this morning, but you know I would never really say that!” They said. “But when I first came on as a first-change bowler it went very fast. To my surprise, it was doing three or four balls per over. We were happy to get South Africa out on a cheap score, But we also knew that we had to do some work.

“It’s not our mentality to prod and strike around, we knew runs were going to be at a premium, so our mentality was that we had to go out and put the South African bowlers under pressure. Because there was a lot of pressure in this. The pitch is a good ball, and if it continues like it is today, we will see a few more wickets.”

Broad was concerned about the equalization achievement of McGrath, a player he sought to emulate as a child, and the only other seamer other than James Anderson to have taken so many wickets.

“He’s my hero,” he said. “I don’t think I really deserve to be in that kind of category, to be honest, and obviously he’s played very few games. [124 Tests to 159], He was great, one of the greatest bowlers of all time in my opinion, but to hopefully get another one and join my teammate Jimmy as a one-two on the fast bowlers list feels very special. ,

Long after the rumble of wickets has been forgotten, however, the day will be remembered for the spine-tingling ceremony before the start of the game, as the players observed a minute’s silence in memory of Rani, followed by two unforgettable Presentations were given. The national anthem, including the first broadcast of “God Save the King” at a sporting event since 1952.

Following uncertainty about the future of the game, which was up in the air until the ECB’s announcement on Friday afternoon, Broad said he was honored to participate in such a moving opportunity.

“It was incredible to be a part of it,” he said. “You hear the sound of pins falling as you go down the stairs. The respect shown by everyone in the stadium was incredible and it was fantastic to be able to sing the national anthem with the whole house. It felt like a celebration of the Queen’s life today. Nice to be there to represent Kind Badges.”

Asked if he wanted or wanted to play after the Queen’s death at the age of 96, Broad said: “You have to put some thought into it, although ultimately it was never in the hands of the players.

“I must admit, when I saw that the Premier League was postponing their fixtures for the weekend, I thought, oh, this could play a part in our game. But when I heard the news that we were continuing, So I was really happy, and then you set your mind to make sure you performed to entertain the masses.

“We knew it would only be a three-day game. So we had to play some fun stuff. And I think everyone will be very happy tonight.”

Andrew Miller is the UK editor of ESPNcricinfo. @miller_cricket

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