Cricketer Veda Krishnamurthy’s blunt pain after losing his mother and sister due to Corona, said- ‘My world has changed’


New Delhi: Indian women’s team cricketer Veda Krishnamurthy’s mother and sister died a few days ago due to Coronavirus. This cricketer has regretted losing both his family members.

This virus is dangerous

The 28-year-old cricketer from Bengaluru paid emotional tribute to his sister and mother. Veda’s mother and sister died within 2 weeks. Veda said on Twitter, ‘This virus is very dangerous. My family did everything properly but the virus still did not spare. ‘

‘I am with the Corona victims’

Veda said, ‘I am wholeheartedly with all those who are facing this kind of situation. Stay safe, stay strong. Elder sister Vatsala Shivakumar (Vatsala Shivakumar) passed away on Thursday, 2 weeks after the death of her mother Cheluvamba Devi (Cheluvamba Devi).

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‘My world has changed’

The all-rounder said, ‘My world has changed completely after you both left. I do not know how our family will be united again. All I can say is that I love you both very much and will miss you both.

You two are not with me – Veda

After losing 2 people closest to him, he wrote, ‘My beautiful Amma and Akka (sister). The last few days have been heartbreaking for all of us at home. Both of you were the foundation of our house. Never thought that such a day would come. It is very sad to know that both of you are not with me.

‘Mother made brave’

He wrote, ‘Amma, you have made me a brave child, taught me that I should be as practical as possible in every situation. You are the most beautiful, happy and selfless of all the people I know. Akka, I know that I was your favorite person. You are a fighter, you have inspired me not to give up till the last minute. ‘

‘I hadn’t thought I would meet last’

Veda wrote, ‘Both of you were such people who used to take pleasure in everything I did, everything I did. I was always very proud that I have 2 mothers but it seems that arrogance is never good for anyone. The last few days I spent with both of you were relaxed, we were all happy. Never imagined that this would be the last meeting.


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