Danish Kaneria accuses Mohammad Amir of serious allegations, says Aamir is blackmailing PCB


New Delhi: Former Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Amir recently made some shocking revelations about the Pakistan cricket team. After Aamir’s statement, former Pakistani cricketer Danish Kaneria (Danish Kaneria) has broken the silence and has also made many allegations against Aamir.

Kaneria accuses Aamir

Danish Kaneria has made serious allegations against Mohammad Amir saying that he is trying to blackmail Pakistan Cricket Board so that he can return to the national team again.

Kaneria (Danish Kaneria) said on its YouTube channel, ‘I want to say this on Mohammad Aamir’s point that everyone is free to express his opinion. It seems to me that he wants to blackmail others with his statements so that he can return to the team. He will stay in England, get citizenship and then play in the IPL, you can understand his thoughts.

Kaneria (Danish Kaneria) said, “Mohammad Aamir should have realized that Pakistan had shown great generosity by bringing him back into the team after the spot-fixing scandal.” But his performance has been zero for the last one and a half years. I agree that he did well in the ICC Champions Trophy but since then it has steadily declined.

What did Mohammad Aamir say earlier?

Earlier Aamir (Mohammad Amir) said, ‘If I go into the detailed information and open those chapters again, it is quite frightening. I hope that our players, especially the youth, will not face these things in the future which I had to do. I do not want our young players to sacrifice their careers as I did.

Aamir said, ‘Respect matters more to me and I feel that I did not get the respect I deserved and that’s why I decided to retire.’


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