Deadly attack on Pakistani cricketer Umar Akmal, miscreants came as fans, arrested


New Delhi: There has been an accident with Pakistani player Umar Akmal, who is in controversies. An incident of attack on Akmal has come to light outside Akmal’s house. He has lodged a police report regarding this. Due to which two people have also been taken into custody.

Tried to kill me: Umar Akmal

Umar Akmal’s house is in the Defense Housing Authority of Lahore, Pakistan, he has claimed that he has been attacked outside his house and an attempt has been made to kill him. According to the information, two people had come to take selfie with him and they are being told as fans of Akmal. But during this there was a clash, after which both these people attacked the cricketer.

Umar Akmal informed the police about this incident. After which both the suspects have been taken into custody. It is being told that one person is from Britain while one is Pakistani.

However, both the arrested people have told that they had no such intention, they are just his fans. The accused have also claimed that both of them were attacked by Akmal and his domestic staff.

Umar Akmal’s old relationship with controversies

This Pakistani player has a deep connection with controversies. For one reason or the other, Akmal remains in the headlines. He was accused of hiding the corruption case, after which the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) banned him for 18 months. Apart from this, recently Akmal had apologized to the cricket fans.

Not only this, Akmal (Umar Akmal) is also considered an undisciplined cricketer. Former PCB chairman Najam Sethi had even advised him to be treated by a mental illness doctor.


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