Dhanashree is saying goodbye in this style in the year 2020, Yuzvendra Chahal’s reply won everyone’s heart


new Delhi: Dhanashree Verma, fiancé of Yuzvendra Chahal, has made a place in the hearts of everyone with his dance. Whenever he is mentioned, the fans remember his dance. This is the reason that fans like every video of Dhanashree very much.

Yuzvendra Chahal’s fiance Dhanshree Verma (Dhanashree Verma) Has posted a new video of dance on social media. This video is becoming very viral and the fans are very fond of their style.

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Dhanshree danced to ‘new sunshine’

In this video, Dhanashree Verma is seen saying goodbye to the year 2020. She is dancing to the song Nai Dhoop (nayi dhoop). He has written in the caption – End this year with a light note. This song of new sunshine brought so much joy and how happy with his music. Chahal has created an emoji of the heart while commenting on this video.

Significantly, Dhanashree is a choreographer and dancer by profession, she often shares her dance videos on social media platforms.

Chazal (Yuzvendra Chahal) and Dhanashree (Dhanashree Verma) Had engaged in a very private ceremony on 9 August 2020, whose information was given through social media. However, the couple has not announced their wedding dates yet.


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