Doug Crowell will return to the field at the age of 91, see Viral Video


New Delhi: Big fans of the game of cricket will be found in which there will be no lack of passion, but must have seen someone who is playing cricket even at the age of 91 for the first time. Yes, Doug Crowell of Australia has shown this.

Veterans cricket tournaments are held in Australia, where players older than 60 take part. Doug Crowell has been playing in this tournament for 15 years.

Crowell will play cricket at the age of 91

Doug Crowell told ABC News, ‘This league is for people who leave their cricket careers at the age of 30 or around. They have the urge to play and they keep themselves fit. He said, ‘The ball doesn’t come so fast on the bat now as it used to. Now it is easy to hit the ball because the ball reaches you slowly.

Doug Crowell said, ‘I keep saying that a few years can drag me, but who knows. I am still fit and enjoying myself and whenever I am selected, I will go to play with my mind.

Doug Crowell further said, ‘We learned how to play our cricket the hard way, but it did not harm anyone. The important thing is that I am still playing and I think it is because we did not have good grounds and pitches. We had to mold ourselves. We do not even have the equipment to correct the field.


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