Due to friendship with MS Dhoni, got a chance in Team India? Suresh Raina gave a befitting reply


New Delhi: Everyone is aware of the friendship of former Team India captain MS Dhoni and former cricketer Suresh Raina. The friendship of both is very old, due to which Raina said goodbye to international cricket soon after Mahi’s retirement.

People say that Suresh Raina, despite his poor performance, was able to make a place in Team India because of Dhoni and because of this his international cricket career lasted so long.

Suresh Raina replied

All these things said or not, make Suresh Raina very upset. That’s why Suresh Raina has spoken openly on these questions in his book ‘Believe’.

Suresh Raina wrote, ‘It is said that I got opportunities in Team India because of Dhoni but I want to tell you that I was part of Team India because of my ability. It hurts a lot when people associate our friendship with getting a place in my Team India’.

He further wrote, ‘Dhoni knew how to get the best performance from me and I trusted him. I have always earned my place in Team India from my game, just like I have gained the trust and respect of MS Dhoni.

Suresh Raina career

Suresh Raina has scored 768 runs in Test cricket. This includes his one century and 7 half-centuries. Raina has played 226 ODIs in One Day Internationals, in which he has recorded 5615 runs, which includes 5 centuries and 36 half-centuries. Raina’s best score in ODI was 116 not out. Apart from this, if we talk about T20, then he has played 78 T20 matches, in which he has scored a total of 1605 runs, in T20, Raina has scored one century and five half-centuria.


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