‘Dum hai to hit a six on my ball’, Sachin showed this action on the provocation of the PAK veteran


New Delhi: When Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar stepped into international cricket at the age of 16, he once faced Pakistan’s legendary spinner Abdul Qadir. Abdul Qadir once asked Sachin Tendulkar to test his batting, ‘Dum hai to show me by hitting a six on my ball.’

Qadir instigates Sachin to hit a six

Actually, this incident happened in the year 1989 during a friendly match in Peshawar, when Pakistan’s legendary spinner Leg Abdul Qadir provoked Sachin to hit a six on his ball. At that time Sachin Tendulkar had come as a new sensation in world cricket and he was only 16 years old. Pakistani fans used to make fun of young Sachin. Some viewers made fun of Sachin by writing ‘Milk Peeta Bachcha… Ghar jaye milk pee’ on the poster, but Sachin was not bothered by it at all.

Abdul Qadir got angry

In this exhibition match held in Peshawar in 1989, Sachin hit two sixes in the over of Pakistani bowler Mushtaq Ahmed. Seeing such brilliant batting of young Sachin, the senior player of the Pakistani team, Abdul Qadir got angry. Qadir went to Sachin and said ‘Why are you killing children, show us by killing them too’.

Then Sachin showed this action

Sachin did not give any answer from his mouth to this point of Qadir. After this, when Qadir came to bowl, Sachin hit three consecutive sixes in his over. Qadir had realized that he had done wrong to Sachin by saying this. Seeing Sachin’s batting, Qadir clapped and folded his hands in front of Sachin in respect.

hit three consecutive sixes

In an interview given to India Today, Abdul Qadir had revealed, in which he told Sachin, ‘This is not an ODI match, so you should try to hit me for sixes. And if you kill you will become a star. He didn’t say anything to me and hit me straight for three consecutive sixes.

Abdul Qadir did not have this expectation from Sachin

Abdul Qadir had said about this innings of Sachin, ‘No one had hit me for three consecutive sixes in the same over before. Believe me, I bowled with all my experience, but this boy beat me up. Significantly, Sachin Tendulkar, who played 463 ODIs, has scored 18,426 runs in this format. During this, he scored 96 half-centuries including 49 centuries. Sachin played 200 Test matches, in which he has scored 15,921 runs with the help of 51 centuries and 68 half-centuries.

Best spin bowler in the history of cricket

Abdul Qadir is called the best spin bowler in the history of Test cricket. It was not for everyone to understand Abdul Qadir’s ‘doosra’. Abdul Qadir could have bowled 10 different ways. Abdul Qadir has played 67 Tests, 104 ODIs for Pakistan, in which he has taken 236 and 132 wickets. Abdul Qadir passed away in the year 2019.


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