ENG vs NZ: The strange actions of this man sitting in the stand caught on camera, watch this viral video


New Delhi: The New Zealand team is playing a two-match Test series against England before facing India in the final of the World Test Championship. The first test match of this series was a draw. But in this match, something happened that no one will be able to stop laughing after seeing it.

funny video going viral

In the first Test between England and New Zealand (ENG vs NZ), a man sitting in the stand did something that made everyone laugh. In fact, during New Zealand’s second innings, the man tried to wear a raincoat to avoid rain. After a long effort, this man put on his raincoat, but he wore it in reverse. The hat of the raincoat had come forward instead of going back.

Even the players could not stop laughing

These actions of this man were caught in the camera and everyone started laughing after seeing him. Seeing this act, everyone sitting in the stadium was laughing. Not only this, the players of the teams also could not stop laughing after seeing this person’s action. A video of this incident is becoming fiercely viral on social media. People are having a lot of fun watching this video.

The fight will start from May 18

Team India’s tussle for England tour will start from May 18. First the Indian team will play the final of the World Test Championship against New Zealand. After this, India has to show strength in a Test series of 5 matches against hosts England from 4 August. After this entire tour, the players will go to UAE to play the second half of IPL 2021.


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