England bowler threatened Virat Kohli on Twitter, controversy broke out over this matter


New Delhi: Team India captain Virat Kohli was threatened by England fast bowler Stuart Broad on Twitter. In fact, during the ongoing second Test match at Lord’s, there has been a clash between the players of India and England on many occasions. Let us tell you that on the fourth day of the second Test match, there was an altercation between Team India captain Virat Kohli and England fast bowler James Anderson.

Growing dispute between India and England

During the second innings of Team India, after bowling the fourth ball of the 17th over, James Anderson was seen running on the middle pitch, after which Virat Kohli got angry and lost his cool. Virat Kohli replied to Anderson saying, ‘This is a pitch and you are running here, this is not your home. Apart from this, Virat was also heard saying, ‘You are swearing on me? Like you did with Bumrah yesterday?’

Stuart Broad threatened Kohli on Twitter

Now England’s second fast bowler and James Anderson’s partner Stuart Broad has threatened Virat Kohli on Twitter regarding this controversy. Stuart Broad tweeted that this language of Virat Kohli will put him in trouble. Stuart Broad wrote that this Lord’s ground is the same as Jimmy’s backyard, this confrontation is good, but this language will get him (Kohli) in trouble.

Anderson also messed with Bumrah

Let us inform that England fast bowler James Anderson had earlier messed with Jasprit Bumrah as well. On the third day, Jasprit Bumrah started throwing bouncers one after the other, then a ball hit his helmet too. When Anderson was returning after getting out, he was furious and said bad things to Bumrah.

India can win like this on the fifth day

If India gives a target of 200 plus runs to England on the fifth day, then it will not be easy for the British. Rishabh Pant and Ishant Sharma are at the crease at this time. India still has 4 wickets left. In such a situation, if Team India scores 50 more runs, then England’s tension will increase. It will not be easy for England to achieve the target of 200 plus runs on the last day of the match. On the fourth day, India could score only 181/6 even after batting all day. In such a situation, India has to play the morning session on the fifth day.

Fans are going to be very entertained on the fifth day

After this England will get a chance to bat. If England gets a chance to bat, then it will have to fight with the Indian fast bowler and time to win, which is not going to be so easy. Apart from this, England will also have to deal with rain and bad light. This match is at an exciting turn, in such a situation, the fans are going to be very entertained on the fifth day.


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