England cricketers are caught in this compulsion, they will not be able to play the tournament if IPL is held in September


London: The IPL 2021 season was postponed indefinitely due to the rising outbreak of Corona virus (Covid 19) in India. Only 29 of the 60 matches of the IPL have been held. There are reports that the remaining 31 matches can be held before the T20 World Cup in late September or in the middle of November. The cricket schedule of England cricket team after June is very busy and if the remaining matches of IPL are held again this year, then England cricketers will not be able to play.

Why English players will not be able to play IPL?

ECB Cricket Director Ashley Giles gave this information. England’s top cricketers will be busy at this time. He is scheduled to visit Bangladesh in September and October, while the Ashes series will be played just after the T20 World Cup. Giles told ESPN Cricinfo, ‘Our FTP schedule is very busy. Pakistan and Bangladesh tour. ‘England’s 11 cricketers are participating in different teams of IPL.

Schedule confusion

Giles said, ‘We do not know what the schedule of the remaining matches of IPL will be and when and where they will be. This season our schedule is very busy with matches against New Zealand. He said, ‘We have to play the T20 World Cup and then the Ashes series. Take care of your players’ workload as well.

ECB released this statement

Giles dismissed suggestions that the ECB had changed its strategy, which had previously said that its players could opt out of the Test series against New Zealand in June due to playing IPL. Giles said, ‘The landscape of New Zealand was different. The schedule of that series was made in late January and by then players had got NOC to play IPL.


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