England’s Stuart Broad cried, told ICC’s big tournament rubbish


London: England’s fast bowler Stuart Broad questioned the World Test Championship, calling its points system rubbish. Stuart Broad says that how can the points of a two-Test series between India and Bangladesh be equal to the points of a five-match high-profile Ashes series.

Broad raised questions on the World Test Championship

The final of the World Test Championship will be played in Southampton between India and New Zealand from 18 to 22 June. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has put in place a uniform point system for each series so that teams playing fewer Test matches are not affected.

Broad told nonsense to the points system

Speaking to the Press Association, Baud said, ‘I don’t think the World Test Championship is quite right yet. It is being organized for the first time. It is beyond my understanding how the points of the five-match high-profile Ashes series can equal the points in the two-Test series between India and Bangladesh.

What is a Points System?

Under the World Test Championship Points System, points were being awarded according to the result of the matches, not the result of the series. On winning every match in the five-match series, they were getting 20 percent of the total points available, while in the two-match series, they were getting 50 percent of the points available.

Broad cried not to make it to the finals

The 34-year-old Broad, who took 517 wickets in 146 Test matches for England, said it would be extremely difficult for England to reach the World Test Championship final in the current points system. He said, “There is a need to work on the points system of the World Test Championship. We had a chance, but considering the more cricket that England’s team plays, in the current system it will be difficult for them to make it to the finals. India had won two consecutive series against Australia and England and dashed the hopes of these two teams to reach the World Test Championship final. Australia was third and England was fourth.


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