English cricketer told India Ravi Shastri’s team, PAK player stopped speaking


New Delhi: Former England spinner Monty Panesar recently described Team India as Ravi Shastri’s team. After this statement of Monty Panesar, former Pakistan batsman Salman Butt has given a befitting reply to him. According to Salman Butt, Ravi Shastri is not the only one who has raised Team India. Salman Butt said on his YouTube channel that not only Ravi Shastri but players of his team including Virat Kohli have an important contribution in the success of Team India. Salman Butt said that such statements do not make any sense.

Salman Butt stopped talking about Monty

Salman Butt said that Virat Kohli has also made Team India. Both Ravi Shastri and Kohli together have raised Team India. How can you attribute the success of a team to one person? Let us tell you that Salman Butt follows Team India on his YouTube channel. Salman Butt has praised Team India many times.

Virat’s contribution is no less

Salman Butt said, ‘Virat Kohli has scored so many runs, will not playing in a series reduce his contribution? I believe Shastri and Kohli are happy to work together. Both are equally important for Team India. The success of the team cannot be attributed to a single person.

What did Monty say?

Monty Panesar had said, ‘Ravi Shastri gave the confidence to Team India to win in Australia. When captain Virat Kohli was also not present with the team, Ravi Shastri took over Team India. Team India was losing players due to injury, but under the leadership of Ravi Shastri, Team India showed tremendous spirit.


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