Entry of foreign fans in Tokyo Olympics may be stopped, atmosphere of fear in Japan over Coronavirus


Tokyo: Preparations continue in the Tokyo Olympics to be held after one year due to Coronavirus Pandemic, but foreign fans are unlikely to be allowed in this mega event.

Japan’s Menichi said on Wednesday that a decision has been taken in this regard. It gave this information by quoting the sources involved in the discussion. This newspaper said that the final decision will be taken within a month.

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Referring to an undisclosed government official, the newspaper said, “In the current situation, it is not possible to allow foreign visitors to enter.” In these games, 11000 Olympic players, 4000 Paralympic players, thousands of coaches, judges, sponsors, media and VIPs will take part.

Earlier, Tokyo Olympics organizers held an online meeting with representatives from the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee, the Tokyo Metropolitan Administration, and the Government of Japan.

The Tokyo Olympics will begin on 23 July and it was not possible to get foreign visitors to attend it in the midst of the epidemic. The people of Japan are constantly opposing the Olympic event and they have continuously expressed the possibility of spreading the corona virus infection to foreigners.


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