Fans created a ruckus on the statement that they eat eggs, Virat Kohli replied


New Delhi: Virat Kohli is often the target of trolls, in the past, the current captain of Team India made such a statement regarding his diet habit, which caused a lot of uproar.

Virat eats eggs

When a fan asked Virat Kohli on Instagram, what kind of diet do you take, in response, the Indian captain said, ‘Lots of vegetables, some eggs, 2 cups of coffee, lentils, quinoa, heaps I love all spinach, dosa, but eat it in limited quantity.

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Fans cut up the ruckus

On this answer of Virat Kohli, the fans created a ruckus on Twitter, many people started saying that Virat is a vegetarian who eats eggs. Many users have raised questions that if the Indian captain eats eggs, then why does he call himself a vegetarian.

Kohli clarified

Seeing the controversy escalating, Team India captain Virat Kohli wrote while clarifying on Twitter, ‘I never claimed to be vegan. I have always said that I am a vegetarian. Take a deep breath and eat vegetarianism (if you want to).’


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