Fans furious over Suresh Raina’s statement about retirement from IPL, said- ‘There is a difference between loyalty and stupidity’


New Delhi: In the world of cricket, the pair of MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina is like ‘Jai-Veeru’ of ‘Sholay’ movie. Examples of their friendship are given, both play for the same IPL team.

Raina gave shocking statement

MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina said goodbye to international cricket on the same day in August 2020. Now a statement by Raina has shocked every cricket fan. He has said that if Dhoni does not play IPL next year, he will also retire from this T20 league.

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Raina’s loyalty to CSK

Talking to News 24, Suresh Raina said, ‘I have 4-5 years left. This year we are playing IPL and from next year 2 more teams will come. Till the time I play, I will go for CSK. I hope we do well this year. Let us tell you that CSK’s performance in the IPL held in UAE last year was very poor and the team failed to make the playoffs for the first time.

‘If Dhoni doesn’t play, I won’t play either’

Raina said, ‘If Dhoni bhai does not play the next season of IPL, then I am not going to play either. We have been playing for Chennai team since 2008. If we win the title this year, I will try to convince him to play in the next season as well. I will try my best that he agrees but if he doesn’t play then I don’t think I will play for any other team in IPL.

Raina Dhoni IPL

Fans furious over Raina’s statement

While Suresh Raina is being praised for this statement, many fans have been exasperated by this. Talking about retirement from IPL at the age of 34 is not acceptable to many people. One user said, ‘There is a difference between loyalty and stupidity.’ Let’s take a look at some such tweets.


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