Fans wanted to take Mayanti Langer on a date, the beautiful anchor gave this answer


New Delhi: There are as many popular players among cricket fans as there are sports anchors today. People follow their favorite sports anchors very closely. But sometimes these people also make some such comments on social media which provoke these anchors.

Date offer to Mayanti Langer

Something similar has happened with famous sports anchor Mayanti Langer. All-rounder Stuart Binny’s wife Mayanti Langer is quite popular among the fans. Recently, a user talked about taking Mayanti on a date through a tweet. That user tagged Mayanti and wrote, ‘When I see you, then I have no problem in watching the IPL. I wish I was so effective that I could take you to dinner. I have no words to say how beautiful you are. ‘

Mayanti gave a befitting reply

After receiving a date offer from this user, Mayanti Langer decided to answer instead of ignoring it. Mayanti wrote in her reply, ‘Thank you! My husband and I would love to join you. ‘ Fans started trolling that user only on this crappy reply from Mayanti. In fact, many sports anchors like Mayanti have to face different types of comments on social media.

Mayanti has just become a mother

Please tell that Mayanti Langer has recently become a mother. These days she is chipping away from her work and is spending most of the time with her child. Mayanti is very famous and fans like to follow her on TV and social media. Mayanti’s husband Stuart Binny has been away from the cricket pitch for a long time.


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