Fans will not be able to stop seeing beautiful photos of Shakib’s wife, husband beats businessman for respect


New Delhi: The love life of Bangladesh all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan is quite romantic. Shakib Al Hasan’s wife’s name is Ummi Ahmed Shishir. The love story of this Bangladesh star cricketer is a bit different. Actually, the love story of Shakib Al Hasan started in England.

Shakib in the year 2010 Had happened meet shishir

Shakib went to England to play county cricket in 2010, where he met Ummi Ahmed Shishir for the first time. Let us tell you that Ummi’s family is basically Bangladeshi, but when she was 10 years old, her parents had immigrated to America and since then Ummi and her family were living in America.

fell in love in the first meeting

While Shakib Al Hasan had come to England in connection with county cricket, on the other hand, Ummi had also reached England for a holiday. At that time both were staying in the same hotel and it was here that both of them met each other for the first time. Both became good friends of each other in the very first meeting. Then neither Ummi nor Shakib knew when this friendship turned into love.

love turned into marriage

Time passed and Shakib and Ummi’s love deepened. When both realized that they could not live without each other, they decided to get married, after which on December 12, 2012, Shakib and Ummi became one forever, that is, both got married. After marriage, in the year 2015, Shakib and Ummi became parents to a daughter, whom they named Alayna Hassan Aubrey. Once again in April 2020, Shakib’s wife Umi gave birth to a daughter.

Shakib beat up businessman for wife

Although Shakib does not like to talk much about his personal life, his wife Umi came into the limelight when Shakib had beaten up the son of a businessman in Mirpur during the 2014 India and Bangladesh match. In fact, during that match, a businessman’s son Rahman misbehaved with Shakib’s wife Ummi and when Shakib came to know about this, he reached the spot along with some security personnel and beat Rahman vigorously. He was also arrested later for Rahman’s actions.


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