Farokh Engineer scolded, said – Britishers abusing Indians are licking our soles for IPL today


New Delhi: Former India wicket-keeper batsman Farokh Engineer has given a big statement about the players of England. He has accused England players of racist comments. At the same time, he has said that these players who used to abuse earlier, now after IPL comes, they all lick our soles.

Farooq Engineer conducted class fiercely

Farokh Engineer has said during a conversation with the podcast, ‘We were often called Bloody Indians by the mouth of Sir Geoffrey Boycott. He was not the only one who used to do this, apart from him some other players were also involved in this. Australian players also used to tell us the same way. But IPL has changed the whole system.

Farokh Engineer further said, ‘Till a few years ago, we were all bloody Indians for him. Since the IPL has started, all of them are licking our soles. This thing makes me happy that they are licking our shoes just for the money. People like me know what their true complexion is. Now he has suddenly changed his tune for money’.

Racial comments on Farooq Engineer

Earlier, Farokh Engineer had said, ‘Those people were making fun of my English. I think my English is actually better than most of the British, so soon they realized that you can’t make fun of Farooq Engineer.’ Farooq Engineer said, ‘It is really a matter of shame.’


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