Former coach WV Raman targeted Mithali Raj in gestures, wrote letters to Sourav Ganguly


New Delhi: Former coach of Indian women’s cricket team WV Raman has accused the national team. Because of this, he has written an e-mail to BCCI President Sourav Ganguly, alleging that the national team has a ‘self-centered culture’ and needs to be changed. Raman has sent this e-mail to Rahul Dravid, the head of the National Cricket Academy and said that if advice is sought from him, he can prepare a blueprint for women’s cricket in the country.

The Cricket Advisory Committee, headed by former cricketer Madan Lal, on Thursday took a surprise decision, choosing Ramesh Powar to replace Raman as the coach of the national women’s team. The team was runner-up in the T20 World Cup last year under Raman’s supervision.

Raman’s letter may cause controversy

A source aware of this e-mail from Raman (WV Raman) said, ‘As far as I know, Raman has said that he always believes in putting the team above everyone else, and this Emphasize the point that no person can be truly self-centered ‘.

Although Raman (WV Raman) did not name anyone in this letter, but it is understood that he has talked in detail about the prevailing star culture in the team, which is causing more harm than benefit.

Several attempts were made to talk to Raman (WV Raman) about this, but he did not pick up the phone. A source aware of the matter said that Ganguly and Dravid have received their letter. It is learned that Raman has written about special people, who need to keep the team above themselves.

Former coach targeted Mithali Raj in gestures

This left-handed artistic batsman writing letters to two former captains may also cause some controversy as the coach always has to be sacrificed in differences with the players, especially as was the case with Mithali Raj.

The source said, ‘Raman has told Dada (Ganguly) that if any former player feels suffocated by this culture, then he (Ganguly) should decide on the matter as the former captain of India, is the coach too much? Is asking for ‘.

Raman (WV Raman) denied the allegations of not being active as a coach. He recalled that during the last T20 League, he used to observe the training sessions of three teams (Trailblazer, Velocity and Supernova) in the humid conditions of UAE from 1 pm to 9 pm.

He said, ‘Raman said that if the chairman and secretary want to know his opinion on the allegations made about his work, then he can explain it in detail’.

The copy of this letter has been sent to Dravid because Raman believes that he can contribute in creating a roadmap (future blueprint) for Indian women’s cricket.


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