Former cricketer Farokh Engineer who supported Virat Kohli on Paternity Leave, know what said


new Delhi: Former India wicketkeeper Farokh Engineer has said that it is not wrong for Virat Kohli to return home for the birth of his first child. Kohli’s decision has received a mixed reaction between the cricket corridors and the fans.

Farokh Engineer said, ‘I am against criticizing Kohli. Why would you do this. He has decided to live with his wife Anushka Sharma at the time of the birth of their first child, this is his personal decision. This is not a wrong thing.

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The engineer, who played 46 Test matches between 1961 and 1975, said, ‘This is a situation like South America. Those people are very passionate about football like we are for cricket. If we lose outside, or we lose anywhere, the next day our houses are attacked. But the very next day if you do well then you are put on top. You are god We are so obsessed.

The engineer, however, said that if he had been there, he would have played after the result in Adelaide, but he does not see any mistake in Virat Kohli’s decision. He said, ‘I used to play for India, especially after the result of the first Test match. I would think of my country but I will not blame Virat Kohli for being with the family.


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