Former India captain had prepared food for Pakistani players, know a funny story


New Delhi: Former India captain and legendary spinner Bishan Singh Bedi once invited Zaheer Abbas, Javed Miandad, Mudassar Nazar and other Pakistani cricketers to a dinner in which he prepared a delicious dish for about 25 guests. Bedi’s cooking of delicious food is mentioned in her new book ‘The Sardar of Spin: A Celebration of the Art and of Bishan Singh Bedi’ based on her life.

Bedi has turned 75

As Bedi turned 75 on Saturday, his former fellow friends and fans of the cricket fraternity wished him well. This special book contains the introduction of Kapil Dev, messages from Sunil Gavaskar, EAS Prasanna and Farooq Engineer and written by Neha Bedi (his daughter), Sachin Tendulkar, BS Chandrasekhar, Venkata Sundaram, Ramachandra Guha, Anil Kumble, Greg Chappell and many others. Contributed by writing articles.

Sundaram, a former first-class cricketer, in his article ‘Bish: Taking Us from Club Class to World Class’, has mentioned Bedi’s cooking skills, among other things.

Delicious dishes were made for Pakistani cricketers

In this book edited by Sachin Bajaj and published by ‘Roly Books’, he wrote, ‘I was in Tasmania, Australia when the phone rang and Bishan Singh Bedi was on the other side. He told me that the Pakistan team would be in Launceston to play the match against Tasmania, and he wanted to invite them for dinner.

He has written, ‘Bedi said that she is about 70 km from there and will meet at my friend’s house with cooking items and some utensils. Together we will make something good. He said, ‘Bedi has always had a passion for cooking. And I knew he would cook delicious food once again’.

Food was prepared for 25 guests

Sundaram, who was associated with the Indian team as a manager in the 1990s, said, “We from three families together cooked food for about 25 guests. We had small utensils, so some dishes had to be prepared in two-three times. It took us seven hours to prepare the food.

Sundaram said the moment was “extremely joyous” with friendly Pakistani players including many legends such as Zaheer Abbas, Javed Miandad, Mudassar Nazar, Shafqat Rana and Iqbal Qasim. “All in the comfort of Australia, millions of miles from their homes.” And there was an exchange of laughs, jokes and stories.Apart from this Bedi was taking care of everyone wonderfully.

Kapil Dev has praised

In this book, veteran all-rounder Kapil Dev praised his first captain and said that there was no one like Bedi. He said, ‘He was a cricketer who knew his rights very well. He stood up for the cricketers by raising their voice for better match fees, travel facilities and accommodation. He targeted the Delhi and District Cricket Association as he wanted the players to be treated with respect. When he felt that he was not fair in his approach, he did not hesitate to clash with the board officials.

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