Gambhir demands to replace Virat and make Rohit Sharma captain of Indian T20 team


new Delhi: Cricketer-turned-politician Gautam Gambhir and England’s Michael Vaughan have supported Rohit Sharma to be the captain of the Indian T20 team. Former Indian opener Gambhir even said that if this star batsman was not given this role, it would be ’embarrassing’.

Mumbai Indians won the fifth Indian Premier League title under Rohit. Apart from scoring a half-century in the finals, he also impressed with his clever captaincy. He is currently the vice-captain of India’s limited overs team in the limited overs format.

Gambhir (Gautam Gambhir) said, ‘If Rohit Sharma does not become the Indian captain then it is his loss, not Rohit’s.’

He said, ‘Yes, the captain is as good as his team is and I totally agree with it but what is the scale of testing the captain who is good and who is not? The scale and criteria must be the same. His team (Mumbai Indians) led by Rohit has won five IPL titles.

Gambhir (Gautam Gambhir) said, ‘We keep saying that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the most successful captain of India. Why? Because his led team has won two World Cups and three IPL titles.

He said, ‘Rohit has won five IPL titles, he is the most successful captain in the history of the tournament. It will be shameful if he does not get the captaincy of India’s limited overs or T20 team in future.

Gambhir said, ‘Because he can’t do anything more than this. He can only help the teams he is captaining. So if he does not become the regular captain of India in the limited overs format then it will be his (India’s) loss’.

Gambhir, who has sought to make Virat Kohli accountable for Royal Challengers Bangalore’s failure to win the IPL title, said that he did not mean that Kohli’s captaincy was ‘bad’ but he had simply suggested that the captaincy should be shared Model time is needed.

Gambhir (Gautam Gambhir) said, ‘He can consider sharing the captaincy. Nothing is bad Rohit has shown in the limited overs format how there is a big difference between his captaincy and Virat’s captaincy. His team, led by one player, won five titles, the other has not yet won.

He said, ‘I am not saying this because Kohli is a bad captain but he has got the same stage then Rohit has got, so you have to measure both on the same scale’.

Endorsing Rohit for leadership in the T20 format, Vaughan wrote on Twitter, “Of course Rohit should be the Indian T20 captain. Fantastic human management and leadership and he knows how to win T20 matches, this will also give Virat a chance to be comfortable, this thing has been successful for the teams around the world ‘.

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