His fan got angry with Vaughan’s comment on Virat Kohli, said- send me Michael’s location


New Delhi: Former England captain Michael Vaughan is being surrounded on social media by giving his statement on Team India captain Virat Kohli. Michael Vaughan made a controversial statement by spewing venom on Virat Kohli.

Michael Vaughan did this comment on Kohli

Vaughan (Michael Vaughan) had said that if Kane Williamson had been an Indian, he would have been the best player in the world today. But, it is not because you will not be allowed to say so. Because you have Virat Kohli and cannot match Virat Kohli, because he does not have 100 million Instagram followers.

Kohli’s fan became angry

Michael Vaughan targeted Kohli under the cover of Kane Williamson and said that Virat Kohli is famous among people only because of Instagram. If Williamson were also of India, he would have been known among the same people as Kohli. Now Australian journalist Chloe Amanda Bailey became angry with Michael Vaughan over Michael Vaughan’s statement.

Amanda Bailey targets Vaughan

Australian journalist Chloe Amanda Bailey has targeted Vaughan, replying to a fan’s post. Chloe Amanda Bailey tagged a user’s post and wrote in her tweet, “Send me Michael Vaughan’s location.” Please tell that Chloe Amanda Bailey is a very big fan of the Indian team and Virat Kohli. In such a situation, he has vented his anger on Michael Vaughan.

Wasim Jaffer gave a befitting reply

Wasim Jaffer has given a befitting reply to Vaughan’s statements in his own style on the last few occasions as well. This time, Jaffer took the support of Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan and told Vaughan to interfere. Jafar tweeted and wrote- ‘Hrithik has the extra finger, but does Michael Vaughan’.


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