How is the health of Varun Chakravarthy found in Corona Postive in IPL 2021 now? Self disclosed


New Delhi: Kolkata Knight Riders spinner Varun Chakraborty, who was found positive in the Corona Virus Test during IPL 2021, has said that he is still not fully recovered from the Kovid-19 and is feeling weak, so He has not been able to start training.

IPL postponed due to corona

Varun Chakravarthy was among the 4 Kolkata Knight Riders players who were found positive in the Kovid-19 Test during IPL 2021. The 14th season of IPL was postponed due to this epidemic.

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Varun has not recovered completely

Varun Chakraborty told Cricinfo, ‘I am good now and I am recovering at home. Due to the difficulties after Kovid-19, I am not able to start practice right now. Although I do not have cough or fever but have weakness. Smell and taste are experienced occasionally, but I hope to start practicing soon. ‘

Remember the time of IPL

The 29-year-old spinner recalled Varun Chakraborty being cornered and said, ‘I was feeling uneasy on 1 May. I was feeling very tired. There was no cough but there was a mild fever and that is why I did not participate in the practice session.

Varun remained in isolation for 12 days

Varun said, ‘I immediately informed the team management and arranged for RT PCR test immediately. I was immediately isolated from my KKR colleagues. After this I came to know that my test has come positive. After this, I remained in isolation for 12 days.


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