Hrithik Roshan’s entry in Wasim Jaffer and Michael Vaughan’s ‘fights’


New Delhi: Former India opener Wasim Jaffer is known for his fun and unabashed style. On Friday, Jaffer had fun with former England captain Michael Vaughan, after which Vaughan also reacted. Let us explain in a sequential manner what the whole matter is.

Vaughan compared Virat and Kane

In fact, Michael Vaughan had said in a statement, ‘If Kane Williamson had been an Indian, he would have been the greatest player in the world, but it is not because you are not allowed to say that Virat Kohli is not the greatest, doing so on social The media behaves badly against you. That’s why you say that Virat is the best, so that you get more clicks, likes and followers. Ken Williams is equally the best in every format. I think his calm nature, his humility are reflected in the way he plays. The truth is that they are quite calm in whatever they do.

Jaffer trolled through Hrithik

In a funny reaction to this, Wasim Jaffer wrote on Twitter, ‘Actra is close to Hrithik but Kartha is Michael Vaughan. #Virat Kohli #Kane Williamson. ‘ Significantly, Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan has 6 fingers in his right hand. Jaffer has enjoyed the former England captain with the help of this.

Von gave answer to jafar

After this, Michael Vaughan was also no more. He wrote in response to Wasim Jaffer. ‘I am assuming you agree with my views, Wasim,’ Von has long been a critic of Team India. This is the reason why he is always on the target of Indian cricket fans.


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