ICC Chairman’s big statement on World Test Championship, tournament may end


new Delhi: The new chairman of the International Cricket Committee (ICC), John Barclay, said that the format of the World Test Championship (WTC) needs to be reviewed after the first edition of the Corona-influenced first edition is completed.

Indian captain Virat Kohli also called the new percentage point system of the much-talked-about World Test Championship very confusing and difficult to understand.

Many series and matches cannot be completed due to Corona virus epidemic. In view of this, the ICC has recently implemented a new points system instead of overall point.

Team India is being scared of clean sweep, this change can happen in the last ODI!

John Barclay has said, ‘We have already got some issues around the calendar. I wonder if the WTC was started to bring back interest in Test cricket ‘.

Barclay, 59, said his personal view is that once the WTC is completed, there is a need to go to the drawing board again and review its structure.

He said, ‘From an idealistic point of view (WTC) there is a lot of merit, but in reality I do not agree with this. I am not sure whether it has achieved the goal it started with. My personal view is that whatever we can do in Kovid-19, we can do it by dividing the digits’.

The ICC chairman said, ‘Once we do this, we should negotiate again, because I am not sure that it (WTC) achieved its purpose, for which it was built after consideration four-five years ago’. .

Kohli questioned the ICC’s decision to abruptly amend the points system of the first World Test Championship (WTC).

Kohli had said, “It is definitely surprising because we were told that the top two teams in the DUTC will qualify on the basis of points. Now suddenly it has been done on percentage basis. This is confusing and it is difficult to understand ‘.

The Indian captain had said, ‘If we were told about these things from the very first day, then it would have been easy to understand the reason why such a change took place. But it has been done all of a sudden and I feel that to understand this, questions need to be asked to the ICC as to why it was done and what is the reason behind it ‘.

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On the issue of including T20 leagues and bilateral cricket in the ICC calendar, Barkley hinted that everyone should co-exist.

He said, ‘When we talk about the calendar, there is a need to keep all the formats of cricket in mind. The calendar is becoming increasingly congested. I respect that every country has the right to develop its own domestic league, as it meets the requirements of the ICC. If you see, people like IPL, BBL and CPL have really contributed ‘.


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