If Rahul Dravid becomes the coach then the picture of Indian cricket will change, knowing this reason you will also believe


New Delhi: Ever since Team India had to face defeat against New Zealand in the WTC final, the team is constantly being criticized everywhere. Especially this demand is being raised that the captain and coach of the team should be removed from the post and someone else should be brought in. People believe that instead of Ravi Shastri, Rahul Dravid should be given a coaching position. Today in our report we will tell you why Dravid is a better coach.

Dravid has been a great batsman

Rahul Dravid has been one of the greatest batsmen of his time. They were called the cricket wall. In his career spanning 16 years from 1995 to 2011, he played 164 Tests and 344 ODIs. He has scored more than 24000 runs in his career. Dravid has scored 12 ODIs and 36 Test centuries in his career.

Why should Dravid be appointed coach?

Great career under-19 – After announcing retirement from his long career, Rahul Dravid started coaching young players. He was appointed the coach of the Indian Under-19 team and India-A. During this he did a wonderful job. Under the coaching of Dravid, once the Under-19 team won the World Cup title, while the team was runner-up once.

Calm nature has the advantage- Rahul Dravid is a very calm person. While batting, he was definitely seen being aggressive a couple of times, but during his coaching he has always looked calm. Dravid is absolutely perfect according to the nature a coach should have with his players.

The most understanding of the game – the whole world knows how Rahul Dravid has been a player. Dravid has a great understanding of the game and has been a very intelligent player. Even during his coaching, it has been seen that how he takes young players together. For the first time for the Sri Lankan tour, Dravid has been made the coach of Team India and his performance is being watched by the whole country.


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