If the ball hit Sachin’s shoulder, this umpire gave it LBW, there was a lot of controversy


New Delhi: Daryl Harper, who was in the ICC’s panel of elite umpires, is remembered in India for giving Sachin Tendulkar out LBW after being hit on the shoulder. This was such a controversial decision, which is still discussed.

The ball hit the shoulder then gave it LBW

Let us tell you that in the 1999 Adelaide Test match, Sachin tried to stop McGrath’s short ball and sat down to avoid it, but the ball did not rise much and hit Sachin’s shoulder. Australia appealed to this and Harper gave Sachin out.

Darl Harper has been heavily criticized

Darl Harper’s decision was heavily criticized after this incident. In an interview, this umpire had said, ‘I still remember my decision on Sachin Tendulkar. It was not that I had not slept or that I was having nightmares and replays going on in my mind. When I came out of my garage, there was a painting of Sachin and Glenn McGrath in front of me.

There was a lot of ruckus over the decision

Harper said, ‘Sachin was the captain of the Indian team at that time and the ICC official told me that he did not note down that decision while analyzing my performance after the match.’ Harper said, ‘MSK Prasad was India’s wicketkeeper in that match, playing his fourth Test match and he took six catches in that match. He said, ‘Prasad told me that Sachin had said that he was out. I confirmed and said, I also thought that he was out.


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