Ind vs Eng: Ben Stokes’s big statement about Virat Kohli, told- What Virat does not like on the field


Pune: England all-rounder Ben Stokes has given a big statement about the behavior of Team India captain Virat Kohli on the cricket field. Ben Stokes has said that the aggressive gesture may suit Virat Kohli and his Indian team, but it does not fit on England.

England does not like the way of Virat

Ben Fokes (Ben Stokes) was asked about the aggressive gesture of Indian captain Kohli while fielding or celebrating the wicket. Stokes said, ‘Every team and every player takes a different kind of attitude on the field, so that they get success. This method has not been better for us in the last four-five years.

Stokes gave a big statement about Kohli

Ben Stokes said, ‘We stand on what is best for us and that makes our team a better team. Every team has its own way. India has its own way and our own. Stokes was asked which one of the good or aggressive Virat he likes, he replied, “Personally I want him not to score, because it is not good for us.”

Danger on England’s No.1 ranking

England are in danger of losing the number one ranking after losing by 66 runs in the first ODI, but Stokes said it did not matter to them. He said, ‘We were entitled to number one, because we achieved good results and we played good cricket and we will not deviate from it. It is a really good thing to be number one, but it is not an inspiration for us.

Stokes has no problem landing at number three

In the absence of Joe Root, this all-rounder has to come down to bat at number three. Stokes revealed that he has not changed his mindset for this new role. He said, ‘I really wanted to know about his mentality at number three from the route. His clear message was, continue playing as you play.

Root’s own way of playing

Stokes said, “Root has his own way of playing and that does not mean that I play the same way. At number three, I can get 100 balls to play, whereas usually I get to play 60-70. I am not observing too many changes. I may have to face a slightly different situation, especially at the beginning of my innings.


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