IND VS ENG: In the third test, the umpire treated Rishabh Pant like this, Sunil Gavaskar was furious


Leads: Former legend Sunil Gavaskar is puzzled as to why England’s umpires objected to Rishabh Pant’s ‘stance’ of standing outside the crease during the ongoing third Test against England as they believe the rules prevent batsmen from doing so. Do not stop.

Umpire asks Pant to change ‘stance’

Pant revealed that he had to change his ‘stance’ at the behest of the umpire as standing outside the crease to deal with the swing was creating footprints in the ‘danger area’ of the pitch. .
Gavaskar, however, said that the marks made by shoes on the pitch do not determine the ‘stance’ of a batsman.

furious sunil gavaskar

The former great batsman said during commentary on Friday, the third day of the match, ‘If this is true then I was wondering why he was asked to change his ‘stance’. I have only read about this. The batsman can stand anywhere on the pitch, even in the middle of the pitch. Batsmen sometimes go ahead and play against spinners (footprints can still be made)’.

His fellow commentator and former India player Sanjay Manjrekar termed it ‘absurd’.

Pant revealed

On the first day of the match, the Indian innings was reduced to 78 runs. Pant had mentioned this incident after the day’s play. He said, ‘I was standing outside the crease and my forefoot was coming in the ‘danger area’ so they (umpire) told me that I cannot stand here’.

The left-handed batsman said, ‘So I had to change my stance but as a cricketer I don’t think much about it because whoever did it, the umpire would talk to him also. I didn’t do that on the next ball.

After this decision of the umpires, it is being discussed once again whether the International Cricket Council should use neutral umpires again. Due to travel restrictions during Kovid-19, the ICC has approved the use of home umpires.


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