IND vs ENG: ‘Jarvo’s conspiracy canceled Manchester Test’, fans made serious allegations


New Delhi: In view of the threat of Coronavirus, the 5th Test between India and England (IND vs ENG 5th Test) has been canceled. After the news of the cancellation of the match, ‘Jarvo’, popularly known as ‘Pitch-Invader’, started trending fast on Twitter.

Jaravo entered the field 3 times

The real name of ‘Jarvo’ is Daniel Jarvis. He describes himself as a fan of Team India and in 3 out of the last 4 Tests between India and England, he has dared to enter the pitch without permission. Since he wears the jersey number 69 of the Indian team, he has also become famous as ‘Jarvo69’.

5th test canceled between corona

Yogesh Parmar, the physio of the Indian cricket team, was found to be Coronavirus positive on 9 August, after which the sensation spread and the Manchester Test had to be canceled in a hurry, but the fans wanted Daniel Jarvis for it. (Daniel Jarvis) are fiercely targeting.

Fans target Jarvoo

Indian cricket fans believe that Jarvoo’s entry on the pitch was a well-planned conspiracy, the man being held responsible for the cancellation of the Old Trafford Test. In the midst of the threat of Kovid-19 (COVID-19), there was a strict rule like Bio Bubble, despite how Jarvo reached the players many times. Let’s take a look at some selected tweets.


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