IND vs ENG: Not a joke, Jarvo entering the field again and again, security lapse, ECB will have to answer


New Delhi: In the current Test series between India and England, Jarvo, popularly known as Pitch Invader, has entered for the third time, even though this joke is being liked by the fans. But this is a big risk in terms of security.

Jarvoo reached the pitch in the Oval Test
On the second day of the Oval Test, when the England team was batting, Jarvo suddenly entered the field and ran fast towards the pitch. He started running in the style of bowling. Everyone was surprised to see them.

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suffocated ollie pope
During England’s innings, in the 34th over, Jarvo ran fast on the pitch and touched Ollie Pope from behind. The Pope was horrified by the sudden action. Although Jaravo went ahead by touching them, by then there was chaos in the field for a while.

Beginning with Lord’s
Jarvo first entered the ground during the Lord’s Test without permission. He was wearing the jersey number ’69’ of Team India. He started telling himself a member of the Indian team in front of the guards present there. Seeing Jaravo doing this, Mohammad Siraj and the rest of the players laughed.

Ban imposed after Leeds Test

Jarvo entered the field wearing batting gear during the Leeds Test. After which the English county Yorkshire imposed a lifetime ban on Jarvoo, as well as fined him. This person will never be able to enter Headingley Stadium now.

Who is Jarvoo 69?

Jarvo’s real name is Daniel Jarvis, popularly known as Pitch Invader, since he wears the number 69 jersey, hence he is also called ‘Jarvo 69’. Fans are very fond of this prank of his.

major security lapse

Cricket fans are laughing about Jarvo, because they are being entertained fiercely, but if we look at it, it is a serious threat to the cricketers. In the recent past 3 times in an international match, it is a big lapse in security for the fans to enter the ground. The ECB will have to answer why it did not learn from past incidents.

Dangerous even from the point of view of Corona

After the corona virus epidemic, a bio bubble is prepared during every international series, where no outsider can enter a designated area. ICC has also made strict rules regarding this. Despite this precaution, it is dangerous for Jarvo to reach around the players.

Veterans raised questions

Famous commentator Harsha Bhogle, including former cricketer Aakash Chopra, also called Jarvo a big threat from the security point of view. Along with this, an appeal has been made to put a check on such incidents. Let’s take a look at some such tweets.


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