Ind vs Eng: Yuvraj Singh was trolled by commenting on the Ahmedabad pitch, now R Ashwin gave this answer


Ahmedabad: Former star all-rounder Yuvraj Singh, who won Team India a couple of World Cups, was trolled badly by commenting on the Ahmedabad pitch recently. Let me tell you that in the third Test match played by pink ball in Ahmedabad, India beat England badly within two days.

Yuvraj Singh, after this, while congratulating Team India and its spinners, said, ‘The match is over in two days, it is not good for Test cricket. If Anil Kumble and Harbhajan Singh had bowled on such a pitch, they would have had 1000 and 800 wickets in their name. Still what was the spelling of Akshar. Congratulations to Ashwin, Ishant.

The fans did not like this tweet of Yuvraj Singh and he started trolling Yuvraj Singh fiercely. But, Ravichandran Ashwin reacted to that statement of Yuvraj Singh, saying, ‘When I read the tweet of Yuvi Pa (Yuvraj), I did not find anything wrong in it, because I did not know that they would ask us anything. Want to say or give any advice.

Ravichandran Ashwin said, ‘They have no problem in giving importance to the pitch instead of talent and this time a personal thinking is being made a big issue. I am not bothered by this.

On the Ahmedabad pitch, Ravichandran Ashwin said, ‘What do you mean by a good pitch? Seam on the first day and then batting well and then spin in the last two days. Who makes all these rules, we need to end this debate.

A journalist asked Ashwin, ‘Do you expect such a pitch in the next match as well?’ On this, Ashwin said, ‘It depends on what you expect, we are expecting a good cricket match.’


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