Indian fencer Bhavani Devi, who created history, ends her journey in Tokyo Olympics


Tokyo: Indian fencer CA Bhavani Devi made a stellar start to her maiden Olympic campaign on Monday and created history by winning her first round match of the women’s individual Sabre but ending her journey with a loss in the second bout. .

Bhavani Devi’s journey ends in Tokyo

27-year-old Bhavani Devi defeated Tunisia’s Nadia Ben Azizi 15-3 to enter the Round of 32 and became the first Indian swordsman to win a match at the Olympics. In the round, Bhavani lost 7-15 to Menon Brunet of France.

Bhavani gave tough competition

It was a historic day when India made its debut in fencing at the Olympics. This is a game that has been a part of the Summer Games since 1896. Keeping this in mind, Bhavani won the first match and then in the second match gave a tough competition to the world number three player Menon.

French player defeated

Making a cautious start at Makuhari Mess Hall, Bhavani gave Menon a tough fight. Despite being 2-9 behind in the first round, Bhavani did not give up and at one point took the score to 6-11, but eventually the French player used her experience to force Bhavani to give up.

Won in the first match

Similarly, in the first match, Bhavani Devi gave Nadia Ben Azizi a chance to open the attack but later Bhavani Devi repeatedly pinned the Tunisian player to put her in the point pocket, making the Tunisian player uncomfortable. Did.

What is Fencing Rule?

In fencing, the ‘right of way’ rule is used to determine which fencer is awarded points if both athletes enter a touch. Under this rule, preference is given to the fencer who initiates the attack.

Bhavani’s 42nd world ranking

On the strength of her defense, world number 42 Bhavani Devi canceled her competitor’s lead. The Indian took an 8-0 lead by the end of the first period. In the second, Bhavani Devi attacked and opened at her will to seal her victory.

Bhavani created history

Born in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, Bhavani Devi is the first Indian fencer to qualify for the Olympic Games. Bhavani is also the first Indian to win a silver medal at the Asian Championships.


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