IPL 2020: Hardik Pandya realizing this by returning to the field


Abu Dhabi The biggest problem for cricketers who arrived in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to play for the Indian Premier League (IPL) was to bring their fitness to the same level where they had been playing cricket continuously before the lockdown due to the corona virus epidemic. In such a situation, the challenge was much bigger for Mumbai Indians’ star all-rounder Hardik Pandya, who was returning after a long time. But now Hardik says that he is feeling more fit than before.

Mental and physical rhythm has been achieved
In a video posted on the Twitter handle of Mumbai Indians, Pandya said, “I am completely satisfied with my performance on the net during team practice.” Pandya said, like I am beating the ball. It makes me feel very mentally and physically in rhythm. Now I will not have any problem in going to the field to show the natural game. Regarding the practice shutdown during the lockdown before the IPL, he said, no matter how far away from the game, no matter how much time I am away, but on returning you should prove your usefulness. I have prepared a lot and the time will be good. Let us know that last year’s champion Mumbai Indians will face Chennai Super Kings on 19 September in the opening match of the Indian Premier League. In such a situation, Pandya’s form will prove to be very important for the team.

Being active after a long time due to injury
Hardik Pandya has been out of active cricket for a long time. He suffered a groin injury during the World Cup last year. Due to this, he got away from the game. He was forced to have his back operated in London in November last year. He later proved himself fit and was selected in Team India for the ODI series against South Africa, but the series was canceled due to Corona virus epidemic. But Pandya did not panic from these problems. He said, this inspired him to work harder and now he is fully fit physically and mentally.

Enjoy playing IPL
Hardik Pandya said, I enjoy playing IPL a lot. I want to come back strongly. He said, is a part of the player’s life and motivates her to do better. I have taken a lesson in my life that injuries will continue to happen. Nobody wants to get hurt, but this is part of the player’s life. This inspires me to work harder.


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