IPL 2020: Know why Kohli became ‘Simranjeet’, how de Villiers became ‘Paritosh Pant’?


Dubai. The Indian Premier League (IPL), being organized amidst the global battle of the Corona epidemic, saw a unique view on Monday. It was the view that the entire team, led by Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) captain Virat Kohli, came to the ground to salute the Corona warriors in a unique way. Apart from this, along with Kohli, the team’s second most senior cricketer AB de Villiers (AB Devilliars) changed his Twitter handle to the name of Corona Warriors and showed another unique style.

Kohli became Simranjeet Singh
Apart from RCB, Captain Kohli of the Indian cricket team also took the name of Simranjit Singh on his Twitter handle, replacing him on Monday in honor of the ‘Kovid Nayak’ who played a key role during the Corona virus epidemic. Simranjit Singh is such a Kovid hero from Chandigarh, who despite his deafness has helped the needy during the epidemic. For this, they are being appreciated everywhere.

De Villiers wrote paritosh pant
RB batsman AB de Villiers, like Kohli, changed his name on his Twitter handle and named him a Corona warrior. De Villiers changed his name to Paritosh Pant. Similarly, during the match, when the RCB players stepped on the field against Sunrisers Hyderabad on Monday, the jersey they were wearing also had ‘Mai Kovid Hero’ written on it.

RCB has released two videos
During the IPL, RCB players will honor those who help the needy during the Kovid-19 epidemic. RCB has given information to everyone by sharing two videos from its Twitter handle. In this video, Captain Virat is giving information about this campaign of RCB, as well as appealing to all people to wear masks and protect them.


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