IPL 2020: Shami revealed this on senior player’s question

IPL 2020: Shami revealed this on senior player’s question

Kolkata: The 13th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) is being held in the UAE due to the corona virus havoc, and 3 cities in the UAE are hosting the Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah League. But the heat of the UAE can add to the problems for bowlers. Kings XI Punjab fast bowler Mohammed Shami believes that handling the workload will be the most important task for fast bowlers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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Mohammed Shami has said, ‘It will be necessary for fast bowlers in the UAE to handle their workload well because the situation is not going to be easy in the UAE by any means’.

Shami said, ‘The temperature here is much higher than in India. There are chances that players get dehydration, stretch is also possible. So we have to keep such things in mind. It will be very difficult because the wicket here is also very different. That’s why workload management is very important, but not too difficult that it cannot be handled. It depends on us how we will handle things’.

He said, ‘It is fantastic to come out of home to Dubai. We are lucky that we are playing the game that we love. Therefore, this feeling cannot be compared. The best thing is that everyone is on the field and is training. In India, the IPL should bring a smile on the face of the people ‘.

Shami when asked if there will be any additional pressure on him? So he said, ‘I do not take pressure to be senior in the team. You should have confidence in your skill and yourself ‘.

Apart from this, he said, ‘I do not believe in making any kind of goals. I believe in doing well on the situation as per the need. I always try to do what I am doing better.

Talk that India has to visit Australia at the end of this year where she will play Test series and T20 series of 4 Test matches. Shami said on that, ‘We have defeated them even before. You cannot say that those people were not there, so it was easy. We can also think that if we had that bowler, it would be good for us. You need a plan regarding the status and current form. If you compare both teams then they are strong. It depends on how you implement your plan

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