IPL 2020: Virat Kohli going through the most flop of the tournament


new Delhi: The 13th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is going to be challenging for Virat Kohli. It was everyone’s guess as the event was held in the UAE, but this challenge would prove to be so big that even hitting Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) captain Kohli Fifty would be far from touching the figure of 20, it is hardly expected Must have done Virat Kohli’s batting failure has been such that it is proving to be his most flop IPL till date.

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Kohli has only scored 18 runs so far
For Virat Kohli, the lapse of failure in this IPL season is tremendous. Virat had played 177 matches in this glamorous league before the season started and scored 5412 runs in the IPL at an average of 37.84, which means an average of 30 runs were added to his account. But this time Virat has been able to score only 18 runs in 3 matches. However, later he also scored 5 runs in the super over and reached his run number 23 in 3 matches.

Worst performance by first 3 matches
This is the worst performance of Virat Kohli by the first 3 matches in 13 seasons of IPL. Earlier his worst performance was in IPL-2010, when he scored just 35 runs in the first 3 innings. In other seasons, Virat scored 37 runs in IPL-2008 in first 3 innings, 64 runs in IPL-2009, 106 runs in IPL-2011, 71 runs in IPL-2012, 163 runs in IPL-2013, 80 runs in IPL-2014. , 72 runs in IPL-2015, 187 runs in IPL-2016, 154 runs in IPL-2017, 109 runs in IPL-2018 and 55 runs in IPL-2019.

Expected to touch 6000 figure foggy
Where it was expected that this time Virat will become the first batsman to score 6000+ runs and now it is difficult to touch his 5500 runs. If you look at the performance so far, Virat will be able to cross the 200 mark barely in 14 matches and this will be the biggest flop season of Virat so far.

There is lack of practice, not technology
Actually, there is no shortage of Virat’s technology. His reach on the ball and the bat-foot synergy is looking good. But the lack of net practice during his corona period is dominating his game. Virat, who appears to be physically fit, is seen as a victim of overconfidence while playing the shot. However, for a player like Virat, this problem is not very big and surely he will be overcome soon.


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