IPL 2021: Maldives scuffle between David Warner and Michael Slater! Both players broke the silence


New Delhi: IPL 2021 (IPL 2021) was postponed due to the havoc of Corona. After which foreign players left their respective homes. However, the Australian players have still not reached their home. Actually, all the players are staying in Maldives till the ban is removed from entry in Australia. Meanwhile, a surprising news has come out.

Scramble between David Warner and Michael Slater!

Australian players who are staying in Maldives are just waiting to reach home. After leaving India, all the cricketers and other staff of Australia are staying at the Taj Coral Resort in Maldives. In such a report, it has been claimed that David Warner and former Australian cricketer and commentator Michael Slater have a scuffle in the bar of Maldives. Actually, if the report is believed, there was a debate between the two players first, which later turned into a scuffle. This news spread rapidly, after which many questions arose. Now both these players have broken the silence.

Let me tell you that The Daily Telegraph first reported the reports of a skirmish between Warner and Slater at the Taj Coral Resort in Maldives. Slater had earlier this week questioned the Prime Minister’s policies to ban Australian entry in his own country.


Both players broke the silence

David Warner and Michael Slater are among 38 Australians who were part of IPL 2021. Both these players have categorically denied the clash in the bar. Both of them say that these reports are just rumors and these players have been friends of each other for a long time.

Michael Slater said, ‘This is just a rumor. Me and Warner are and will be good friends. There is zero chance of any conflict and quarrel between us’.

David Warner also said, ‘No such drama happened between us. I do not know you all write this much. That too when you are not present here. You haven’t seen anything Nothing happened between us’.


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