IPL 2021: Points table changed after Kolkata and Punjab match, this team got tensed


New Delhi: After the match between Punjab Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders, there has been a change in the Points Table of IPL 2021. After this match, the tension of many teams has increased.

Punjab beat Kolkata

In the 45th match of IPL 2021, KL Rahul’s team Punjab Kings defeated Eoin Morgan’s Kolkata Knight Riders by 5 wickets in a thrilling match.

Chennai Super Kings on top

Chennai Super Kings remains on top in the points table of IPL 2021 with 18 points. While Delhi Capitals remains at number two with 16 points, RCB is at number three with 14 points.

Kolkata got a big blow

Kolkata Knight Riders hoped that they would strengthen their position in the points table even more by winning the match against Punjab Kings, but KL Rahul’s team defeated Morgan’s army. Got a strong blow.

Punjab beat Mumbai

Kolkata Knight Riders has won 5 out of 12 matches in IPL 2021 and has collected 10 points and remains at number four in the table. At the same time, Punjab Kings have played 12 matches so far in which they have won 5 matches and they have reached number 5 in the points table with 10 points.

5 times champion in tension

Along with Kolkata Knight Riders, the tension of five-time champion Mumbai Indians has also increased, because in addition to KKR, Punjab Kings have come against him. Rohit Sharma’s army will try to win the match against Delhi Capitals on Saturday so that they can get 2 more points today.


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