IPL 2021: These 5 Pandavas will make CSK the champion! KKR will be in bad shape in the final


Dubai: This will be the ninth time that the Chennai team will play the final of the IPL. In the first qualifier, Delhi was shown the way out by batting in his smoky style in the last over. This is Dhoni’s 10th IPL final. There is no dearth of experience in the Chennai team. The team is organized and in the final the team will be in its own color. Before the start of IPL, Chennai was called the army of old men, but on the contrary, this team showed a bang game. Chennai made a chariot of youth combination and on the horse of that chariot, a charioteer like Dhoni took the team to the final. The Chennai team showed that class is the only thing that lasts and form keeps coming and going.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

This is the name without which the team of CSK is incomplete. He has immense experience in big matches. He has won big matches with his calm and clever mind. Dhoni’s hand is the stone of Paras, whichever player it touches, it becomes gold. Despite being 40 years old, his agility behind the wicket is made on sight. He has returned to his old finishing touch after scoring 18 runs in 6 balls against Delhi. When Dhoni is in his colours, he can flaunt any bowler when the time comes. Dhoni is the player to captain the most matches in IPL and win matches as captain. Dhoni is not known to change the team. Dhoni has no match in making team combinations. There is no one greater than him in taking DRS.

Rituraj Gaikwad

Rituraj is the youngest player in the Chennai team. He is only 24 years old. Under Dhoni’s supervision, this player has performed wonderfully in IPL 2021. He has scored 603 runs in 15 matches. He is the second highest run-scorer in the league, including a century for him. They are in their best form. Chennai will be hoping for a straight start from him in the final. These can be called the discovery of IPL 2021. He can play big innings in the final.

Ravindra Jadeja

Jadeja is like that trident for the team. Who fits everywhere in batting, bowling and fielding. Ravindra Jadeja has made a useful contribution in taking Chennai to the final with his performance. Jadeja took 11 wickets in 15 matches for Chennai and scored 227 useful runs. He took his team out of trouble on crucial occasions with his stormy batting in the death overs, Dhoni would expect the same performance from him. Jadeja can play an important role in the victory of the team on the spin pitch of Dubai. Jadeja’s agility is made on the field.

dwayne bravo

With his all-round performance, this player has carved a niche for himself in the hearts and minds of the Chennai team and their spectators. Whether bowling or batting in the death overs, this player has always amazed with his performance. For Chennai, this can prove to be a facilitator in the victory in the final. Bravo holds the record for taking most wickets in an IPL.

Shardul Thakur

In the last few years, this player has come as Hanuman for Chennai. Whenever the trouble came forward, so far this player has taken 18 wickets in IPL 2021. Whenever Dhoni needs a wicket, he turns Thakur’s mobile number. He also contributes to the team with his batting. Thakur can swing both sides of the wicket. More recently, he has been included in the 15-member team of Team India.


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