IPL 2021: When AB de Villiers gets emotional after seeing family in stand, this video goes viral


New Delhi: In the 10th match of IPL 2021, Royal Challengers Bangalore defeated KKR by 38 runs. His star batsman AB de Villiers batted well for RCB. De Villiers got full support from his family in this match.

De Villiers’ family shown in the field

The entire family of de Villiers was present to support RCB in this match. In fact, De Villiers’ wife and two children were bigger in their courage than in the stand. De Villiers’ family is seen shaking hands looking at him. This incident was also seen on the big screen of the ground.

De Villiers got emotional again

Seeing his family support from the stand, AB de Villiers also gets chin up. In fact, during KKR’s batting, de Villiers is keeping his eyes when he sees his family, he stops chin and responds to them by shaking hands. Meanwhile, a small smile was also seen on De Villiers’ face. It seemed as if de Villiers got chin up by looking at his family. One such video of him is now becoming fiercely viral on social media.

De Villiers’s bat was spoken a lot

In that match against KKR, de de Villiers had a great bat. De Villiers bat in this match, an unbeaten 76 off 34 balls came out in this match. Apart from this, Glenn Maxwell also scored 78 runs from 49 balls. On the basis of innings of de Villiers and Maxwell, RCB scored a score of more than 200 and won the match in the end. RCB now have to face KKR in their next match on 3rd.


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