IPL: These 2 players claim to be the strongest, can become the new captain of RCB next season!


New Delhi: CSK, captained by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, won the IPL 2021 title. As soon as the second half of IPL started, a big news was heard by the fans. Actually Virat Kohli said that he will leave the post of captaincy of RCB after this season. After this it is constantly being predicted who will become the captain of RCB after Kohli. In such a situation, there will be a war between two Indian players for this post.

These 2 players can become the new captain of RCB

A mega auction is to be held before the start of IPL 2022, in which every single team will be completely changed. In such a situation, RCB will also find a new captain after Virat Kohli. 2 Indian players are also big contenders for this post. In this report, we are going to tell you about the same 2 players.

1. KL Rahul

Virat Kohli has left the captaincy of RCB in IPL. In such a situation, for the next season, RCB would like to include KL Rahul in their team once. If this happens, then Rahul will be the biggest contender to become the new captain of RCB. Rahul has been captaining Punjab for a long time and he has proved to be a good captain too. Let us tell you that it has come to the fore in the reports that Punjab Kings will drop Rahul next season. Rahul has played for RCB in the past as well. He is a quiet player and he can be a good option to captain RCB. KL Rahul has scored more than 500 runs in every season for Punjab. He was associated with this team from 2018 and since then every season Rahul has scored a lot of runs. Rahul has scored 659 runs in 2018, 593 runs in IPL 2019, 670 runs in the 2020 season and 626 runs this year too.

2. Shreyas Iyer

Former Delhi Capitals captain Shreyas Iyer has recently decided that he will leave the Delhi Capitals side next season and give his name in the auction. Iyer can be seen in another new team after a long time. Especially many teams would like to make him their captain. The first name in this list comes from RCB. Iyer will be right for this team as he is a young player and he also has experience of captaincy in IPL. The team of Delhi Capitals has got a lot of success under the captaincy of Shreyas Iyer. The Delhi team never reached the IPL final except in 2020. The captain who took this team to the final was Shreyas Iyer. However, Iyer suffered an injury in early 2021 and was removed from the captaincy of Delhi.

Kohli did not get success

Virat Kohli has been the captain of RCB for the last 8 years, but he has failed to make his franchise champion so far, so he was constantly under pressure to leave this responsibility, and now what was expected happened.


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