James Anderson spoke about Jasprit Bumrah’s Bouncer


New Delhi: England fast bowler James Anderson has reacted for the first time to the bouncer balls of Jasprit Bumrah. Referring to the Lord’s Test, he has expressed surprise at Bumrah’s attitude.

Bumrah intimidated by bouncers

On the third day of the Lord’s Test, when James Anderson came to bat at number 11, he got to see the fierce form of Jasprit Bumrah. This fast bowler showered bouncers on Jimmy.

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This happened for the first time in my career

James Anderson told ‘Taylenders Podcast’, ‘I took my guard a little off because all the batsmen who were coming were doing the same thing about how slow the pitch is. When I came to bat, Joe Root said that Bumrah is not bowling as fast as he usually bowls. After that the first ball came at 90 mph (about 145 kmph). I realized that this has never happened before in my career.

Big allegation on Bumrah

James Anderson said, ‘I thought he (Bumrah) was not trying to get me out. He bowled an over, maybe 10, 11 or 12 balls, he was repeatedly bowling no balls and short balls too. Maybe he bowled 2 balls on the stumps which I managed to play. At that time I was just defending myself and trying to give strike back to Joe Root.

emotion controlled

“Emotion comes more at such times, but the way we bowled in the second innings was completely opposite to it. We took the emotions out and just focused on getting them out. Also we tried to concede fewer runs. Significantly, despite James’s efforts, Team India managed to win the second Test by 151 runs.


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