Japan doctors give big warning, Tokyo Olympics event will create big ruckus


New Delhi: The Tokyo Olympics were postponed for a year due to the corona virus last year. The Mahakumbh of the Games is being organized in July this year. But due to the second wave of corona virus, this year also there are constant questions on whether these games will be organized or not.

Doctors warned

Dr. Naoto Ueyama, who represents a medical institution in Japan, warned on Thursday that if the suspended Tokyo Olympics were held within two months, it could lead to the spread of different types of corona virus. Ueyama, president of the Japan Doctors Union, said the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the government of Japan underestimated the risk of bringing thousands of officials, judges, media and broadcasters from more than 200 countries and regions, including 15,000 Olympic and Paralympic players, into the country is.

Olympic event will cause problems

Ueyama said at the Japan Foreign Correspondents Club here, “Since the arrival of Kovid-19, there has not been such a dangerous gathering of people from so many countries around the world at one place. It is very difficult to predict what can happen from this. Ueyama, however, compared the virus to a ‘conventional war’ and said he was saying this on the basis of his own contract to work in a hospital outside Tokyo. He is not involved in any way with planning for the Olympics.

May spread corona

He said, ‘I think what is important here is what will happen if a new type of virus is revealed due to the Olympics (Tokyo Olympics).’ The IOC and local organizers have said that they are relying on the World Health Organization for public health guidelines. He said that the Olympics and Paralympics will be safe and during this time, with detailed testing, strict rules, social distance and Olympic sports village, the focus will be on keeping the players isolated in Tokyo Bay for most of the time.


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