Kamlesh Nagerkoti revealed, this Australian bowler’s tips came in handy


new Delhi: KKR fast bowler Kamlesh Nagerkoti, who has been away from cricket for a few years due to his back injury, has played 10 matches of IPL 2020 and has prepared himself for the top level, especially Australia. Thanks to the lessons learned from the best bowler Pat Cummins. Both bowlers had played for Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in the IPL.

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Nagerkoti, who left for the National Cricket Academy in a few days, said, ‘There was a little panic in the beginning, because I was playing after a long time. I was playing on a big stage and there was pressure on me, but I talked to experienced players how to reduce the pressure, how to get out of it and how to get out of it.

Nagerkoti specifically consulted Cummins on what kind of mindset should be kept during the injury. Cummins, 27, also suffered injuries early in his career. After making his debut in 2011, Cummins returned in 2017 after 5 years.

Nagerkoti said, ‘I asked Cummins how he had spent the time of injury. He told me that it will never happen that you always stay fit, but when it comes to injury, the most important thing is how you stay positive. He had said that if you have to play cricket at high level, then it doesn’t matter what kind of situation you face in life, you have to be positive. I felt positive meeting Cummins and it was fantastic.

Nagerkoti, who was in his youth at the speed of throwing balls at a speed of 140 kilometers per hour, said that the Australian fast bowler and other seniors helped him prepare. He said, ‘One advice that I liked very much was that if the bowler prepares well, knows his plan, the bowler knows that he can bowl well and he has practiced well, So he will not be scared and he will always take positivity in the game.

Kamlesh said, I was told not to think that you will score runs, or I did not bowl well. When you bowl, you should know what your plans are. Another thing that Nagerkoti learned from Cummins was stock delivery in a difficult situation. Nagerkoti’s stock delivery is an out swinger from Good Length. He has taken the most wickets in domestic cricket on this ball.

He said, ‘Cummins told me that I have to do a stock ball to gain confidence and maintain positivity. This is the ball on which I do not lose much runs. So it always stays in my mind. Whenever you score runs, use the stock ball.

The young right-hander said, “I have not learned much from him about the variation, but talked to him, he cuts the cutter well. I asked him how he catches the ball, how he puts it, he has Told me how we have to do it differently due to our different actions. In the IPL, Nagerkoti took five wickets in 10 matches. He said that while he may not have got much wickets, he will do well in future. After returning from injury, he also played DY Patil tournament.

He said, ‘I did not take much wickets, but the next time I get a chance, I know how to get wickets and what kind of balls I have to bowl. I am also learning to put different types of balls. At this time I am gradually increasing my work. Before the IPL I used to throw 4 overs which included balls like yorkers according to T20 but now I am putting 8 to 10 overs in a day.

Nagerkoti was to leave for Australia as a net bowler with the Indian team, but the BCCI stayed in India to manage his workload. The young bowler said, ‘I talked to the BCCI about how many overs I have bowled and how many overs to throw. The point of concern was that since this is a long tour and T20, ODI series are to be played, the workload will increase. I still have to work on slowly throwing long spells.


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