Kapil Dev was scared to see Ranveer Singh playing his character in the film 83, opened many secrets


Mumbai: Kapil Dev (Kapil Dev), the former captain of the Indian team, gave the country the first World Cup in the year 1983 and preparations are on to show this historic moment on the big screen.The film will be titled ’83’ and it will have Kapil Dev Deepika Padukone (Ranveer Singh) and Romi will be seen playing the role of Deepika Padukone.

Kapil Dev has told that he was not in favor of making the film ’83’ initially. He said that when he came to know that Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh would play the role of his life story on the big screen, he was scared.

Actress and talk show host Neha came to Dhupia’s show ‘No Filter Neha’ as a guest and during this time she was asked many questions, which Kapil responded with ease.

Asked what he had to say when his wife Romi came to know about this, Kapil Dev said, ‘I was a little scared. I thought he was an actor. You are copying a sport and athletics. Do they have this much? But, when I spent time with him, I was surprised how much time he has spent on it. In June and July last year, he spent about eight hours on the cricket field and I was scared. I would like to say that he is not 20 years old and he should not get hurt. I was worried about them. I think where artists and actors come together, they know what to do and how to do it ‘.

Kapil Dev also told how Ranveer prepared with him to play his role in this film.

He said, ‘He was with me for seven or eight days. During this time he placed a camera in front of me (to record) and asked me how I talk, what I do and how I eat. I think they are fantastic ‘.

Asked if Ranveer shot the classic Nataraja, Kapil said, ‘I think he has worked very hard. I have to see now. I have seen a lot about photographs and other things. These cameramans and these people are good. I was far away from them. We did our part of the story and nothing else.

Kapil Dev (Kapil Dev) has revealed that he still does not want to make the film ’83’ as he believes that ‘we are all young now’.

He said, ‘During his life, he makes a film on you and you don’t know how to react to it. I felt that we are still very young and say ‘man, what is happening? But when the whole team decided, I was also a part of that. My first reaction was, ‘Can we wait? We are very young and everyone has seen us, let’s not make it ‘



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